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Excess Flood
Commercial and Residential
BI available on Commercial Risks
FAP Excess Flood Application
Many businesses and homeowners want to protect property assets by purchasing flood insurance above and beyond the limits available through the NFIP. Recognizing the shortfall, this Excess Flood Program complements a customer’s existing flood insurance program. The Excess is written through Lloyd’s of London and is available in all states, subject to some restrictions. Coverage includes building, contents and optional loss of income (commercial).
Non-NFIP Discount Flood Condomium
Non-NFIP Condo Unit Owners Excess Flood Program
The Advanced E & S Group's Flood Insurance Discount Condo Program provides superior protection for residential condos. Coverage includes flood limits for all flood zones and provides extended coverage above what is available through NFIP with up to 20% discount.

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Flood Advantage Partners is committed to providing a comprehensive portfolio of flood insurance products, while maximizing ease of use paper flow, outstanding customer service and superior commission structures for retail agencies throughout the United States.

Join the partnership that provides one easy location for all your flood needs while paying you top commission utilizing of combined negotiating power of large numbers. No matter what your agency size, we are stronger together so join the Flood Advantage Partners Program and experience the difference.

Flood Insurance – Did you know?

The failure to offer flood insurance for both residential and commercial properties remains to be a huge E & O exposure to agents. Floods can happen anytime or anywhere. Even in the same place twice. Floods are the leading natural cause of property damage. Four times more properties are destroyed by flood than by fire, causing over $2 billion in property damage every year.  Learn More